Q & A

1. Can consumers purchase products directly from KW?

No, KW is a manufacturer and wholesaler, and we only trade with pet shops, veterinarians, dog groomers, animal hospitals and other wholesale businesses.

2.Where can I buy KW products?

Please refer to "Find your dealer" to locate a dealer near you.

3.I am not satisfied with my product. What do I do?

If you wish to complain about one of our products, you need to contact your dealer.

4.I cannot find the product I want in my local pet shop. What do I do?

You contact your local shop and ask them to order the product for you. The shop will order the product from KW, and we will deliver it with our next consignment to them.

5.My dog has allergies. Which shampoo should I use?

Remember always to discuss allergies with your veterinarian. Our best recommendation would be that you use KW Neutral Shampoo, which is labelled in co-operation with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association. That products also carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

6. How do I know which coat grooming products to use for my dog?

That depends on various factors, not least the breed of dog you own. If your dog does not suffer from any diseases or allergies, we recommend that you try various products to find your favourite. If you feel your dog has a strong dog odour, we recommend KW Aloe Vera Shampoo, which includes a small amount of perfume. If you want to add lustre and shine to your dog's coat, our KW Mink Oil Shampoo would be a good choice.
However, if you want a grooming product which treats dry skin, fleas, tetter, vermin, dull coat, sun damage, etc., you should discuss your choice of products with the staff at your local pet shop. We can offer some examples:
For dry skin, we offer our popular KW Aloe Vera Shampoo and our organic KW Nature Coconut and Jojoba Oil Shampoo.
KW Nature with Buckthorn and Seaweed Oil contains a UV filter to protect against sun radiation. KW Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is natural and efficient vermin repellent. For a dull coat that lacks lustre, we recommend KW Nature with Argan Oil, which is available as a shampoo and a conditioner, or our popular KW Mink Oil Shampoo.

7. Where are KW's products manufactured?

KW shampoo, conditioner and specialty products (all wet products) are manufactured in Denmark in accordance with standards approved for the manufacture of products for humans. That is our way of ensuring an optimum quality.
KW GO, WALKER, RACY, FUN, etc. are purchased from large foreign manufacturers which we visit and monitor regularly to ensure that they fulfil our quality requirements.

8.Where does KW Trout Oil originate from?

KW Trout Oil originates from Danish rainbow trout bred in trout ponds using fresh Danish ground water. They are bred subject to strict sustainability rules, and the high content of Omega fatty acids is maintained owing to the short process from take to extraction of the oil.
Unfortunately, fish caught in the oceans are polluted to a measurable extent owing to the condition of the oceans. Furthermore, the transport from take to oil production in the port reduces the content of Omega fatty acids.
Rainbow trout are not fed dye, which is sometimes the case for salmon.