About us


KW is committed to improving the well-being and comfort of our pets. We believe the best way to achieve this is via physical and social contact with our pets.
Increased contact between pet and owner equals improved well-being for our pets. This can be achieved via grooming such as bathing, nail trimming, toothbrushing, coat brushing and lots of other activities.
In addition to play and walks, grooming is an important part of the welfare of our dogs and cats, and KW is committed to the improvement of the lives and thus the well-being and comfort of our dogs and cats.


KW represents high quality products. We develop our shampoos, ear cleaners, anti-lick products, coat conditioners and various other products in co-operation with professional laboratory technicians and veterinarians.
All ingredients in KW's products are selected for their particular purpose and fulfil the same standards as products made for humans. That way we can ensure you, the consumer, that you can buy our products with ease of mind.

The story of KW.

It was soon clear that the founder of KW Dog & Cat Products A / S, Käthe Winther, should have a life with dogs. As early as age eight she started to walk other people's dogs. Later, when she was apprenticed at an office, all the lunch breaks was spent in a nearby dog groomer. One day the office job was resigned, and Kathe was apprenticed as a groomer. She took the chance and traveled, 21 years old, to England, where she for 2 years trimmed dogs at a kennel owned by a catholic priest

Back in Denmark Kathe started her own dog groomer in Dragør. To market the dog groomer she took her 3 beautiful standard poodles, colored them blue with harmless wool-tablets, took light blue clothes on, and went to the horse races. It gave lots of newspaper publicity, and lots of customers.

Wholesale company KW Dog and Cat Products A / S were opened in 1972 and soon were a fragrant and effective beauty series of shampoos, oils and creams for dogs and cats introduced.

KW Dog and Cat Products A / S is a wholesale company dealing in pet stores, veterinarians, dog groomers and shops with dog and cat products. Besides the large number of KW grooming products, we also have a large range of articles for dogs and cats, toys, leashes, collars and snacks.

Today Käthe Winther has retired, but the company still has the same innovative spirit.